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Top Tips for a Memorable Baby Shower


There’s nothing quite as fun as a baby shower. It’s a chance to get the girls together and celebrate your new baby, or your friend’s if you are planning it for someone else. Anyone who has arranged a baby shower knows it takes some time and effort to get it just right. To help you do so we’ve put together some top tips on creating a memorable shower. From dealing with any minor disasters (like knowing how to remove ketchup from clothes) to suggestions on what baby-themed games you could play, here’s our guide to a memorable shower.

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Get That Perfect Nursery On A Budget

So you’ve got a baby on the way and you’re wondering how you’re going to create the perfect space for him or her. Decorating and furnishing an entire room can be pretty expensive, especially when you’ve got so many other things you need to spend money on. Luckily, there are plenty of simple and affordable DIY ways in which you can create the perfect nursery yourself! From swapping items with friends to getting a bit crafty, there are lots of things you can do to get your room baby-ready at low cost. Here are our favourite top tips:

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