About Cotton Candyfloss | online gift store in South Africa

It’s not every day where a friend’s baby shower becomes a pivotal moment in a successful young mommy’s daily routine. However, this was the case for Litza, a stay at home mom. Litza traded in the daily corporate grind and even more corporate suits for a life of hugs and kisses. This from her own little hunny bunnies she fondly refers to as munchkins. Oh, and flat shoes. All the time.

Her desire to send a local baby shower gift overseas to a friend birthed Cotton Candyfloss. This was not just any old friend, this was a best friend. A generic mass-produced outlandish item simply wouldn’t do, oh no! So Litza was left to do what anyone in her position would do. She decided to make her very own proudly South African items to ship to that special bundle of giggles.

Handmade baby gifts and gifts for older kids and parents too, form the foundation of the Cotton Candyfloss operations and all materials are sourced locally. Furthermore, Litza designs all these neat products herself. As if this is not cool enough, all the packaging material can be reused or repurposed.

These products are made with love and Litza and the rest of the Cotton Candyfloss team wishes their customers a happy shopping experience xxx