Fathers’ Day is just around the corner and it’s a great time to show your pops some love. If you have little ones and want to help them celebrate their dad, why not arrange some fun, quality time together or support them to make a meaningful gift which shows how much they care? In this article we cover some fun activities and easy gifts to help your Fathers’ Day go off with a bang. From all-day activities to present ideas (and links to important tips for crafting like how to remove ink stains from clothes!) we’ve got all the information you need.

Plan a fun day out

It’s known as Fathers’ day for a reason! If your family has the time, why not plan a full day’s worth of activities? There are lots of different potential options, depending on what dad and the whole family enjoy. Why not get everyone together for a picnic somewhere sunny? Or visit a local zoo? One favourite option with many dads is a delicious braai. If you already have an outdoor cooker already simply get in lots of meats and sides, then invite your nearest and dearest.

Make a personalised card

If you’ve arranged a day out, it’s worth making a card and perhaps present (see below) to give them on the day. Homemade cards are always the most valued so help your little ones make something special. There are lots of different ways to create a lovely, heart-felt card. You could try getting kids to paint a picture of the whole family. If they aren’t into drawing have a go at ink stamping instead. Find a stamp you like (lots of great ones are available online) plus a pad of ink and supervise kids printing the image onto card. Just be sure to know how to remove ink stains from clothes before your start this activity as it can get a little messy!

Collages: An easy present

Some families also do presents to go with a card and if you’re looking for a fast, but fun idea why not try a photo collage? All you need is a large piece of cardboard, some form of adhesive (sticky tape, glue or similar) and lots of your favourite family photos. Help kids arrange the photos in a pattern together, then stick down. If you’re feeling particularly keen you could also frame it as photo collages look great on the wall!

Those are our top tips for celebrating Fathers’ Day. There are loads of other fun things you can do – just think about what would make Dad happy and plan a day around him. Considering all the things fathers do for their families it’s worth taking the time to celebrate him. Try out some of these ideas and see how much fun you have!

‘Guest post by Francesca Sassii  from Mavens of London. Francesca has written for various food, lifestyle. and parenting blogs, and continues to work alongside Mavens of London to create immersive articles and blog content. ‘