Baby shower gift ideas is a phrase that gets typed into internet search engines every day, and with good reason. The options at chain stores often tend to feel a little generic, but there is another reason handmade gifts might be a good idea. We explore the reasons why pastels and subdued prints often leave baby less than entertained.

A World in Monochrome

Life is filled with a colourful collage that stretches from the different hues of autumn to the iridescent kaleidoscope that fills the horizon during a sunset. But there is one happy little character that is merely transfixed by the contrasts, and that is a baby. Babies only develop the ability to spot colour later on in life, which is why pastels and subdued hues of colour don’t stimulate quite as much as they should.

It’s All About Bold Stripes and Bright Contrasts

When looking for the ideal baby shower gift for boys or girls under the age of 3 to 4 months, contrasts are the best option. This is also the ideal time to introduce them to different shapes and textures. Polkadots and stripes are often good options for this. A gift that manages to incorporate both these aspects plus a little bit of texture with a few added ribbons, is the Striped Giraffe Rattle available in our catalogue. Not only will it stimulate the new baby, it will also provide hours of entertainment for the next few months. The ergonomically designed toy fits snuggly into baby’s hand and is made of hardwearing and durable soft cotton.

It Looks Pretty Too

There is no reason a toy that is designed to stimulate babies need to be clunky and an eyesore. The Striped Giraffe Rattle also happens to look good in any nursery or baby bag. This is a great all-rounder that will be with baby for a long time. There is the standard giraffe rattle, as well as one that dons a pink tutu for a few extra giggles for the future ballerina.

The Various Stages of Introducing Toys to Babies

During the first couple of months, it’s not necessary to rush out and buy puzzles or building blocks as these will only become relevant a little later. The following is a breakdown on the introduction of toys during the various stages.

0 -3 Months

During the first few months, a baby’s senses start to develop and they respond well to things that make a sound. Soft music or a musical mobile often have a calming effect on babies. They are also fond of rattles and handheld toys, as they can’t see too far.

3-6 Months

During this phase, babies are able to distinguish colour and react to it. Brightly coloured toys and books fascinate them as they start to recognise shapes and colours. This is still a suitable age for soft stuffed toys and mobiles.

6-9 Months

There are three major things that take place during this phase. Firstly, baby learns to sit up. This means that they will have a better vantage point of what is happening around them. Secondly, baby is more confident to move. This allows them to pursue the objects of their desire, but also increases their toy scope. Finally, they now have some memory of their surroundings and items, which means they will possibly identify and miss a favourite toy. Toys that make a noise and move around a lot tend to be a favourite among this list.

9-12 Months

Bring out the logic toys and telephones, as baby is starting to mimic the behaviour of those around them. For instance, they are able to have conversations on the telephone like they see their parents do. This age is the ideal age for them to use shape sorters such as the Mr Caterpillar toy in our catalogue, as it develops their logic and memory.

DIY baby shower gift baskets are very popular, however, to save a bit of time there is always the option to put together a hamper through our website. This could include a range of toys or even a combination of toys, clothing, and baby linens. Handmade gifts go a long way as they are made with love and attention to detail.

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