Unique Baby Shower Gifts, Gifts for New Born Babies, 1st Birthdays Gifts

Nestled under a soft blue sky dotted with perfectly plumpy clouds, lies the Johannesburg Highveld in sunny South Africa. Filled with sheep who fluff about in their woolliness on endless meadows, this part of the world is also home to Cotton Candyfloss. Cotton Candyfloss is a local, small business that takes care of little hunny bunnies who make their first appearance in the world. What is a little hunny bunny, you ask? Why, it’s a tiny human otherwise known as a baby, of course!

The old saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. What better way to make that first impression with a new baby than with the perfect newborn gift? When Mommy is nearing the end of her term and it’s time to get together to celebrate this joyous occasion. The baby shower gifts will save a trip (or two!) to the shops. Some of the gifts to look forward to are baby gift hampers that include a selection of handpicked items.

After the stork drops off that little bundle of soft cuddles, it’s time to start the process of endless spoils with gifts. If you happen to visit the new parents at the hospital or at home, the new baby gifts will be a wonderful addition to the little hunny bunny’s collection. Baby gift baskets are a treat as they cover a whole range of baby needs.  

New babies mean new gifts and plenty of them! When they start to fill up every nook and cranny in the house, the older sibling may feel a little left out. Cotton Candyfloss provides the ideal solution. They will set up older siblings with some stylish additions to their own closet. The big brother t-shirt will let everyone know about the bro. Big sis also has the ideal outfit with the big sister t-shirt.

Nothing will make a big brother or sister more proud than having their baby sibling sport a onesie that acknowledges them. A little brother t-shirt or little sister t-shirt will let the whole world know that there is someone who will always have their back.

These little babies don’t remain so little for long. Faster than you can say “bunny hop”, that little bundle of joy grows up. Sometimes you need more than just a few photos to document their progress. This makes the Chalkboard Milestone Board a handy addition.

Go on, have a look. There is something soft and cuddly for all the little ones!